The APE meets RubyGems

Posted in 2008s by Dirk - last update: Dec 28, 2023

If you arrive on this page - you were probably following a link. This page was created by David Cavalera, who no longer owns this domain. It is still linked/indexed - so I decided to keep it online You can find David on Twitter/X or LinkedIn

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When I talked about the ape in the past Conferencia Rails 07 I remarked that it wasn’t quite easy to install and configure. Today I can announce that this is no longer true.

We’ve transformed a lot of scripts in a ruby gem that provides a Mongrel based server. Once the ape gem is installed and this server is running, the web interface is available in the port 4000 of your localhost.

$ sudo gem install ape && ape_server

Moreover, the new ape gem uses the erubis library to load the atom entry templates that it uses to test the atomPub server. These templates can be overrided by the user, the gem searchs the APE_HOME enviromment variable or the .ape directory into the user home directory. Within this directory the user can leave his atom entry templates with the names mini_entry.eruby, basic_entry.eruby or unclean_xhtml_entry.eruby.

We are excited with this release and we are working hard to eliminate possible bugs and add documentation in addition to new capabilities in order to test any atomPub server behaviour.

Enjoy it!

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