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If you arrive on this page - you were probably following a link. This page was created by David Cavalera, who no longer owns this domain. It is still linked/indexed - so I decided to keep it online You can find David on Twitter/X or LinkedIn

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Trinidad allows you to run any Rack based application within an embedded Apache Tomcat container.

Apache Tomcat is a lightweight java web server developed and released under the Apache Software Foundation.


jgem install trinidad


cd myrailsapp
jruby -S trinidad

configuration Trinidad accepts some configuration arguments from the command line, you can find the supported options in the readme page.

Further advanced options can also be found in the project’s wiki.

extensions Trinidad is modularized. You just need the core of the project to run any application but you can also find some advanced features available as independent gems, so the core remains lightweight until you need them.

This is the list of the current available extensions:

  • Database connection pooling Enables database connection pooling through Tomcat and JNDI.

  • Daemon
    Enables to run Trinidad as a daemon. Available for unix, solaris, and macos x systems.

  • Hot deploy Allows to do hot deployments monitorizing a file, ala Passenger.

  • Sandbox Management console and REST api You can find further information on how to write your own extension in its wiki page.

getting the source from github:

git clone git://


Trinidad is distributed under the terms of The MIT License.

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